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Livestock Trailers

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Various bumper mounted Livestock trailers on Lux lot
Bumper Livestock Trailers

We offer two different brands of bumper stock models
Stoll Trailers
This model is our most rugged. It is made of pipe structure every 4 feet with a 4 inch cross member in the floor at each structure point. Also you will notice that it has a much heavier guage bottom with a rolled top to give more support to the side walls. This takes the twist out of the trailer if you are using it off the main roads, through pasture fields, and in barnyards. We consider this more of a ranch style trailer as it has slatted sides with more ventilation for cattle, hogs, or sheep. This model comes in 12' and 16' lengths. Standard features include 4 wheel brakes, safety brake away and chains, curb side walk out door, oak floor, cut gate and rear butterfly gates (two gates split in the middle that swing in or out).
Stoll Livestock Trailers Stoll Livestock Trailers
Valley Trailers
This is our most popular model. It comes standard with 4 wheel brakes, torflex axles, safety brake away and chains, curb side door, cut gate on models 14' or longer and combination swing/slide rear gate, pressure treated pine floor. You will notice that most of the seams have been caulked prior to being painted. This will alleviate many of the rust problems previlant in steel trailers. This model is available in 12' thru 18' lengths.
Valley Livestock Trailers Valley Livestock Trailers
Optional features
  • 7' height
  • plywood lined from factory
  • diagonal cut gate in lieu of standard cut gate
  • slant dividers
  • two tone paint
  • divider package (full divider with chest bars)
  • rear ramp with rain doors
  • spare tire and wheel
  • mats and a combination package which includes saddle compartment with saddle rack and bridle hooks
  • two escape doors
  • half center divider with head divider
  • feed door
  • chrome V trim
  • rear ramp with rain doors (exchange)

Various Gooseneck Livestock trailers on Lux lot
Gooseneck Livestock Trailers

Gooseneck Stock Models
We offer the Stoll brand for the ranchers and farmers. As indicated on the bumper stocks, the pipe structured trailers are the most rugged stock trailers in the industry. The pipe construction every four feet tying the sides and roof together with the cross members in the floor and a heavy duty brush fender for side support takes all the twist out of the trailer for off road use.

We have sold Valley Trailers for over 25 years and find that they provide very good service at a most affordable price. This is an all steel trailer available in 6', 6'8", and 7'6" widths.

We offer two brands of aluminum gooseneck stock models, Custom Fab and EBY. EBY is the only aluminum model on the market that offers a commercial truck body design which protects the roof marker lights.

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